Are House And Land Packages A Good Buy?

When I started my business over ten years ago we used to mainly help our clients buy established properties in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney. While this was a GREAT strategy then and those clients saw their properties double in value, these properties are now out of reach for most investors.

As the market changes, as investors we need to adapt with it and buying a house and land package is an AWESOME strategy for many reasons – a number of our clients have achieved over 0,000 growth in 2 years through buying house and land – all with high rental yields and keeping their cash flow neutral or positive.

So do I recommend you go out today and buy yourself any house and land package? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Don’t do it without advice. There are so many factors that my research and acquisitions team evaluate before recommending a client purchases a house and land package. There is also A LOT of crap out there in the market that you want to steer clear of at all costs.

Also, there are some CRITICAL factors you need to negotiate before signing a contract or you will be SHOCKED with the additional costs you get lumped with.